26 May 2014


Today's blogpost is about a DIY I did recently. 
I went to Primark a fewdays ago, because I wanted (not needed, but wanted!) new shoes, which I can pimp myself. The idea is not new obviously, but I saw some gorgeos shoes with a really cool detail on. Unfortunately I couldn't purchase them -too expensive-, so I thought there must be a cheaper way to get similar ones.
One of the cheapest shops here is Primark. So after I finished my duties for today, I headed off to have a look, if they offer some nice affordable shoes. 
At this point I need to tell you something important about the two biggest Primark stores here on Tottenham Court Road Station and Bond Station --> NEVER EVER visit them during the weekend. You'll end up fed up, squeezed and shoved and it's just not fun to go. If you have the opportunity to go during the week, go for it. So much easier :) 
Anyway, i graped two paires of fake buckskin ballerinas/loafers in black and in a  flamingo pinkish in size 3/4, even though size 3 is slighty too small. Altough I took some hair-clip bows in mint with polka dots!!!plus little flower on, which I will attach on the shoes. By the way, they had millions of these little clips with different pattern and colours, just perfectly cute for hair/shoes/whatever (maybe you have even more ideas to make things with these?! If so, let me know or send me cute pics of what you did with them :) I'm super curious!)
So finally I'm coming to what I actually did (sorry, I'm kind of a chatterbox):

what you (might) need:

1. shoes (that's what I did, though)

2. things like beads, flowers, bows (basically everything YOU like and wanna attach on the item)

3.scissors, brush (optional)

4. super-glue

So step 1 is to decide what you gonna put on your item. For me it was a mint bow with white polka dots, which I cut off its hairclip.
But as I said, basically you can attach whatever you want. If you're more the glitter girl, go for glitter dust or beads.

With Step 2 beginns the fun stuff, because now you're gonna put the stuff you picked out on your items. 
Make sure that it is on the part, where you really want it to have (after you glued it with super-glue, it's non-removable).

Step 3 is to actually glue it on your shoes. I chose super-glue from poundland, which I put on my shoes with a little brush to avoid spreading it all over (and over my hands).

Let it dry a bit and enjoy your 'new' shoes :) I absolutely love my ones and I'm literally wearing them all day long and whenever I can.
Hope you enjoyed it!

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