22 May 2014

worldcup or when a country suffers

This is going to be a serious blogpost. A blogpost about human rights and how people suffer in brazil, only because the worldcup.
We all know when the worldcup will start and are excited to see our own country in the competition.  But who of you knows, what's really going on in Brazil? I guess almost nobody.
Including me. Till I saw the advertising from amnesty international about the football world cup: here 
(unfornatutely it's in german, but I'm sure there is a english version available on youtube and the pictures are telling stories anyway!).
So basically every country who holds the worldcup in, hopes for a big economy improvement. First of all they're investing in better streets, stadiums, airports and hotels to raise the standarts for everybody, who is coming to see the wc. 
For raising these standarts even people are expeled from their houses. They broke down favelas. People were forced to move away.
Of course loads of people thought the same and started to protest. Not only the expelation were claimed, also the lack of drinkable water and electricity and very bad public transport.
Little shops, kiosk have to move big streets for trams and underground, which don't even call at Universities, airports or the city centre.
But all the protests are nearly gone. Left behind are some violent youth groups, which can't really change anything.
Furthermore the government doesn't care at all. As long as they can improve the living standarts and hold the event in Rio de Janeiro, nothing seems wrong in their eyes.
And so do the sponsores and FIFA. They don't have to pay taxes, which will cause a lot of debts. And these debts will be carried on the folks' backs. Right now they value the debts of 680million $.
Gosh! Everything will be turned up side down for the lower, working and even the middle class. The living standart+debts will increase so much, that sooner or later nobody can even afford to live in the city anymore. 
And the final question is, what will happen with the stadiums? 
Well, in south africa they are left to rot and derelict. We will see what happens...


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