24 May 2014

what is beautiful? You my dear, you are beautiful, because you are who you are

London is one of these cities, where you can find a variaty of different styles, looks and beauty and internationality in ONE place.
Nobody will point a finger on you, because they are also dressed colourful, funky, stylish or just different and extraordinary. 
But the world tend to be bitchy and judgy. Everyone seem to judge about other, especially girls.
And basically it doesn't matter if your skin is dark black, milky and creamy, pale and rather white then tanned. 
It doesn't matter if you're originally from Asian countries, Europe, Africa, New Zealand or Australia. You are beautiful, wherever you are from!
It doesn't matter if you are a readhead or have brown hair, black, pink, blue, green, or even multicoloured hair or maybe non hair due to illness or just livestyle. 
You're beautiful with piercings or non, with tattoos, whether on all of your skin or just a tiny one or stretched ears.
You are beautiful!
People shouldn't define you of your style, your look, rather then about your personality. 
It doesn't matter if you're tall and skinny or small and curvy. EveryBODY is different and it doesn't make sense to compare, because we can't really change our body shape or DNA we got from our parents. 
I personally like colourful things and style myself quirky, colourful and maybe for other people quite odd. But I LIKE IT and THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE!
And you, you who is reading that right now might be different. You might like to dress all in black, minimalistic or parisian chíc.
And that is absolutely awesome, because you are you and I am me.
What does it make for a difference to yourself when you point a finger on somebody, who is dressed differently to yourself and maybe ugly in your oppinion?
She or he might has an awesome personality you would like to be friends with or have around you. You could be friends or do things together, to save or make the world a better place.
When I went home for christmas I realised how many people actually judge about you and your appearence. I was used to London, because I was already living there for 4 months. I was used to its crazyness and to people, who won't turn around when they see somebdy dressed differently. 
Anyway, I spend christmas with my lovely family and went shopping in Stuttgart (that's where I live in Germany). 
As soon as I emerged from the tube, I recognised people staring at me and turning around, because I was dressed too colourful for their taste.
I was absolutely not used to so much fussing anymore, that I found it quite embarressing. Rather embarressing for them, staring at me and having no shame, than for me. 
Because I can be like I want to be and that's it. I am who I am and that's wonderful and you can be who YOU are and that's wonderful, too
Of course it needs a lot of self-confidence to say: FUCK YOU; I AM WHO I AM. 
But despite that, please remember that next time for yourself and others, who don't wear clothes of your taste. Wear whatever you like and you feel comfortable in and show the world and its judges the middle finger.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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