07 May 2014

Gran Canaria or when I spent my easter 'holidays' with my sister

 For easter fled from the so-called-spring-weather (okay, fair enough I have to admit that it wasn't thaaaat bad!) and took the plane to Gran Canaria to visit my sister/parents. Now you will think, ''what is her sister doing there, that her parents visiting her?'' --> my sister is an Au Pair too (sibling-thing, I guess!) and my parents visited her before she will go back to Germany in 1 1/2 months. And I wanted to see how she lives (she keeps sending me beautiful pictures from the beach!), too...so, after annoying 4hours (next to a baby! Did I mention that I hate babies/toddlers on airplanes?) I arrived pretty exhausted in Las Palmas.
But these 4 days are counting as the best this year!

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