04 May 2014

Richmond or when we were lucky ones

I don't know if I told you guys but recently came another girl in our little 'au pair community'...I saw her always dropping of her children at the same private school as my children are going to and wandered who she was. So eventuelly I pulled myself together (jep, starting to speak to total strangers is kind of scary for me!) and asked her whether she is the new Au Pair for W and S.
AAAAND :D (how could it be different, when the kids were dropped by the mom so far) she was/is another Au Pair (when she is reading that, HI VICTORIA :) I mean you!). 
She comes from New Zealand and works for her auntie's family :) and is a lovely girl (I'm glad that we became friends).
So one day we wanted to explore a new part of London -Richmond- (thank you to TFL, which didn't make it possible to go there for 8months, due to permanently signal-light-testing!)
But we were lucky ones and the overground was finally running :D couldn't believe that!


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