02 February 2015

#5 nice ways to make pretty garlands I cute paper

Hi folks,
I just came back to Weingarten after spending my weekend at my parents place. It was actually really nice, meeting up everybody, although I had to study quite much.
Before I'm starting to study again I want to share another idea how to make your room cute and girly with a new way to make a garland.

What you need to make a garland like above is basically just cute paper or any paper you want to use.
The next step is basically either just cutting out triancles with a little flap on each side

<-- like the spot I marked with a red circle 

so you can glue them together afterwards or instead of the flap you can glue them right on a string (like I did with the tassels).

My paper is from the lovely magazine "flow", by the way (you can purchase it on amazon as well, which I think is amazing, because it's quite expensive so I can't afford buying it every month, even when it has good issues in.)

I hope you liked the way to make a pretty garland. If you are on the hunt for cute paper, go and check out the german website dawanda, where you can find a bunch of very nice things. 
That's it for today, stay crafty and don't forget to treat yourself now and then <3
Lots of love, Isa

 p.s. Oh and I was wondering wether I should make a blogpost how I decorated my whole room. So if you are interested, please comment below :)

26 January 2015

creative weekend


good morning everybody, well in germany it's aleady midday and I should be working on my presentation, but I'm rather uploading my work.
Not that I don't actually have to learn for my upcoming presentation (uh uh, writing that down leaves a weird taste in my mouth and keeps my stomach moving!Wish me luck!).
Sometimes it is just nicer to spend your day at your desk rather crafting and doodling then studying. Oh and watching the snow fall...it was so so pretty today, that I rather liked winter.
have a lovely monday (when you're one of these people, who are like: "huh, monday? you're kidding me, THAT is the worst day of the week, just pretend to have a nice day - monday-mantra! oh and psst, I'm one of these people too actually...)