09 May 2014

Oxford or when Sophie and I got ichy feet

 This weekend is a long on...3 days free time instead of 2 (when you're an Au Pair too, 
you'll know how relaxing this sounds! (not that I don't like my kids, I love love love them <3, but sometimes you just need a break!)). 
However, first we wanted to go to Liverpool and had a nice family found on couchsurfing (if you have any experience with that, PLEASE share it with me :) i really want to try that out). But for some personal reasons it failed.
But Sophie and I got ichy feet and wanted to make the best of our long weekend, so we decided to go to Oxford.
We went on a Sunday, because a previous Au Pair (Hi Kristin, when you're reading that :) ) visited my family on saturday and we spent the afternoon together, sharing thoughts about our lovely kids <3
After 1 1/2 hours on the train we arrived finally in Oxford and were stunned by the beauty.
Not only the buildings, but the surrounding landscape, too! WOW!!!
Everything is taken so easy and relaxed there in comparison to London, where everything/one is quite hectic. So relaxing that we immediatly went to one of the small rivers to have lunch in the sunshine :)
How could it be different, we did sight seeing and saw all the wonderful buildings to start with 'the townhall' and 'church of St. Mary the virgin (which is the university church)'. Extremly impressive!
or 'Carfax Tower', 'Bodleian library', 'radcliff camera' and 'sheldonian theatre'.
Really cute was the 'Hertford bridge', which goes from the one side of the street to the other and crosses the street (confusing explanation, sorry!)

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