11 May 2014

indigenious exhibition, which deserve its own post


 When the autumn weather changed into winter weather (so that means basically even more rain plus coldness), I went to an amazing exhibition at OXO Tower (nearest tube station is TEMPLE or BLACKFRIARS), called indigenous exhibition.
It was basically (and obviously) about indigenous people in North America and South America, Africa and all over the world. They tried to show what people in different tribes believe and think and live.
Not only the exhibition was amazing, the atmosphere of the OXO Tower played an important rule...the OXO Tower is quite rustic and derelict, which worked amazing in this exhibiton (I tried a lot of time not to shutter, but sometimes it was just very creepy!).
Unfortunately I didn't have anybody to go with, so I was practially almost alone (not many people were there either!).
But it was absolutely worth it and I enjoyed it totally :) (this is a invitation to visit an exhibition at OXO TOWER, when you're in London!!!!!).


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