04 June 2014

before I'm 30 [TAG]

apperently I thought about what I wanna do before I'm 30. That's still 9 years away though, but I thought it would be nice to write it down, anyway. So let's get started:

1. I want to enroll university (gonna prepare everything when I'm back home) and achieve a degree in my subject. Really looking forward to this time...I assume it'll be pretty awesome

2.  I would like to visit my second family here in London as often as I can (preferable once a year). Also to visit my friends I made here, Marianne and Serena and Sophie :) and of course my all-time favourite city!

3. I would like to move out of my narrow village into the city, where I'm gonna study...in future hopefully with my boyfriend and before with friends

4. I would like to go on several roadtrips with my bestfriends/future boyfriend

5. On the 'seeing off' party before I became an Au Pair and moved to London, my oldest friends and I discovered that we have already known us for 10 years now! (Hi everybody <3)...I hope our friendship will continue through the next years.
Basically everyone I call best friend these days!

6. In generall I would like to travel a lot more then I already do to different places, to discover other cultures/food/people. Asia like India/China/Thailand/Bangladesh, south america/africa are on the top of my list

7. Hopefully I'm gonna do loads of stuff with my amazing sister Jo <3 

8. Where I really want to go in Germany, is Berlin. I suppose Berlin is similar to London (I assume that I got hooked on since I'm living here in London and London is just awesome for every reason). Anyone fancy coming with me?

9. Of course I want to do lots of creative stuff, painting and crafting (probably gonna blog about upcoming projects, so keep up if you want)

10. That's probably a bit cheesy to say, but I would like to find the one love I can settle down and bring up children with

11. Paragliding is one of the adventure stuff I would like to do before I get too old...nearly got the chance to do it, when I visited my sister on Gran Canaria, but due to the lack of wind, we ended up on the beach

that's it for the moment. I bet there are tons of other stuff I would like to do in the next 9 years, so the list would never end..

what do YOU want to do before your 30?

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