31 December 2014

merry christmas and a happy new year

wow, christmas is already over and it couldn't have been nicer. 
All of my family came together and I saw finally my siste after one and a half month again. 
On christmas day my dad usually set up the tree in our living room and put on all the lights. After everything is lighted and smells good after the tree and tea my mom and I decorate the tree with our red and shiny christmas baubles together.
Generally I'm a last minute present wrapper so this is the time I finally think about which paper I want to use for each present. 
Next year I should definitely not postpone that and start earlier. Maybe I could then print my very own christmas paper? Oh well...we will see how it goes.
In my family it's all about enjoying themselves, having a good time together and share love.
Especially after my sister and I moved out this october to study in different cities. Of course it's kind of a tradition to come home on the weekends, but it'll tend to be different since our exames and presentations are soon coming up and we have to study.
So in the evening we have some yummy dinner together, this year we have (okay had, since it's over and already new years eve) potato "Auflauf", it's a german pie made of potatoes, brocoly, leek and onions and cheese. Yumm!
And after it's present time and we all have a look what we get :)
How is christmas for you? what are you doing/what did you do?
XXX, enjoy new years eve wherever you are, Isa

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  1. This is so lovely Xmas tree. I am glad to see this beautiful tree. I also made small Xmas tree and hung it to the roof to save It from my 2 years old daughter. We also threw a family dinner party on Christmas Eve at some popular party venues in Los Angeles. Truly, it was so enjoyable evening.