05 December 2014

Santa Claus

Hi everybody,

christmas is on the move and everyone is already decorating their homes very beautifully. 
So did we. My flatmates and I went to the shops last weekend and bought some christmasy themed stuff to make our flat pretty. 
Yesterday was the opening of the famous "christkindl" market in Weingarten, which was rather nice. We met up after our lectures to stroll around the market.
It was super fun and the streets were very pretty decorated with lights, twigs and christmas baubles.
We wandered around and got christmas presents, drank mulled wine and ate "Apfelstudel".
When we got home it was quite late, but I needed to do some crafts I'm making for my flatmates.
In germany it's a tradition to celebrate 6th December. Therefore I made these little cuties for my 16 flatemates:

have a wonderful friday afternoon and a beautiful weekend (if you wonder how I did these santa clauses, there are basically painted (milk)tetra paks. If requested I can also do a DIY --> already thought about that anyway)
Bye and lots of love, Isa

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