02 January 2015

13 favourite songs/bands in 2014

Today I want to share my 13 favourite songs/bands with you I had in 2014.
the new year started and it still feels weird to write the new date -->2015.
I hope you all had a lovely spent new year eve, I first had dinner with my friends and after we all went clubbing in Stuttgart, where I also met my sister <3
The beginning of 2014 I was still living in London and working as an Au Pair.
So obviously the music I listened to includes a lot of children songs out of children (disney)filmes (oh maybe I should also do a post about my favourite films..but let me warn you, I was a lot into disney movies!)

1. Frozen - do you want to build a snowman      
     - I often listened to that song while bathtime and we all had to sing it, a nice and catching one

2. the snowman - walking in the air
    - a cute film and a lovely song. My kids did a lovely fair in their school, where some of the kids sang that song. 

3. maroon 5 -move like jagger here
    - because my girls always understood "move like (a) dragon" <3

4. Pablo Alboran - me iré here
    - my sister told me about him and when I visited her in Cran Canaria we listened all his songs when we went to the beach

5. Jaymay - never be daunted here
    - when I discovered the awesome art movie "happy thank you more please", I fell in love with its film music.

6. M83 - Outro here
    - In summer the film "tracks" was released in the theatres in England. Outro was part in the awesome trailer of the film "tracks". It's worth watching and listening. Even though I'm not sure if the song is actually part of the film, too.

7. Lung - open palms here
    - one of the songs I listened before going clubbing with friends in London. Unfortunately clubbing, especially in London, is way to expensive to do it every weekend. 

8. Basilisq - doy here
    - one of the songs I can relate to my best friend. She was the one, who discovered the song first and then showed it to me. 

9. Rising appalachia - scale down here
    - an awesome folk band, which is very naturally in every way

10. Mrs. Greenbird - shooting stars and fairytales here
    - a fantastic german band, very cute and flowless

11. Dotan - let the river in here
      - this band was in the radios everywhere and actually got a hit with the single "home", but I personally like "let the river in" most. I always listen to it when I'm riding my bike to university.

12. Hundreds - happy virus here
      - such a good song about society and life

13. Anouk Aiata - naci en alamo here
     - a hippy girl, who sings in english, spanish and french. So much love for the ears <3

14. Ben Pearce - what I might do here
      - what an awesome song for getting ready before clubbing or enjoying yourself. Check out the video as well

What did you enjoy to listen in 2014? I'd love to hear :)
Have a great 2nd january 2015
xxx, Isa

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