14 September 2014

#nice places I Stuttgart

Hi everybody,
I hope all of have had a nice and relaxed Sunday so far.
After the super rainy Saturday the autumn weather geared up and showed ist est late-summer side, yay!!
It was suddenly warm enough again to wear my beloved vintage shoes I bought in London. 

So a good friend and I finally got to meet up on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. We went to a small and very pretty café called „Mata Hari“ in Stuttgart. 

When you emerge one o the two entries you will feel rather at home due to all the sofas and the wallpaper with the 70s design.
The food goes from salads to bigger portions like Schnitzel with potato salad. As big as the food offer is, as big is the beverages. 

The room is as I said very nice decorated and cozy. There are loads of sofas you can relax on with friends and feel good.

So if you are in Stuttgart and in the mood to spend a nice afternoon with your friends or rather in the evening to enjoy the mild summer weather I would definitely recommend to visit MATA HARI <3
address: Geißstraße 3, 70173 Stuttgart

Have a lovely start in the week tomorrow,
 love Isa

 P.S. all pictures are taken by me, the last one is from the blog germany.travel

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