03 September 2014


 hi everybody,
since I'm back in Germany I'm sorting out my stuff (which has been doubled itself through my last year somehow). 
This morning I started to sort out my tons of books among other things chemic books from my school. 
After I've chucked or gave them away to friends and other people I thought about a nice way to store my stuff like DVDs/books/CDs.
So I found that very cool idea somewhere in the worldwibeweb --> colourful (shoe)boxes.
I got hooked immediately and started to paint boxes in different shades of red. A lot of furniture/stuff is already red so I thought that would be an appropriate and beautiful way for my room.
Here you can see the result:

1. drying boxes after I've painted them with acrylic paint.

2. after they dried I put them on the places where I wanted them and store stuff in them like I said in the beginning.

  Love, Isa

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