21 September 2014

#instagram I my first month back

Hello everybody,
this is going to be my first blogpost about #instagram I my first month back.
Usually people blog about their #week in instagram pictures, but I thought to blog about the first whole month would be more interesting.
So here weg go:


1. lake constance (when I visited my grandpa)
2. at café Mata Hari in Stuttgart
3. view over Stuttgart (my daily way to work)
4. lake constance again
5. my hometown in the suburbs of Stuttgart
6. cupcakes in the oven I made together with my best friend

Have a lovely start in the week tomorrow! Tomorrow will be my last day in the kindergarten, where my internship is running at the moment.
I've already baked a cake and will making a nice card for my collegues now :)
See you soon and lots of love, Isa

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