19 September 2014

DIY with masking tape

hi everybody,
I have a lof of leisure time these days. University will start in October so I’m going to enjoy my last relaxing days.

Days filled with meeting up friends, crafting and taking pictures, but also filled with a lot of rain lately, though.

You can’t close your eyes anymore from autumn, the leaves are changing and when you’re looking outside you will constantly see rain.

Oh, oh!

But well, I stop moaning about the weather now and start to enjoy the cosy crafting time with lots of tea and coffee and soon ginger bread (yes, you can already buy it in the shops! I love it, but isn’t it crazy to buy it in the middle of september?)

Anyway, I did a lot of crafting with masking tape lately. Masking tape is like colourful sellotape but made off rice paper, which you can easily rip and take off in case you don’t like it anymore.
Here are some ideas for decorating with masking tape:


Love, Isa

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