09 September 2012

last day without school

This is my last day without school, so I slept a last time very long and had breakfast at our garden in the sunshine...just a I-want-to-have-always-sunshine-and-a-nice-cereal-breakfast (honestly, I want to marry cereals - I love them so much!).
Anyway (sorry, I am talking about rubbish) I cicled to a flea market in the early afternoon to have a look at. First it was very boring, because there were only stalls with awful clothes or pcitures and kitchen stuff, but then I discoverd these very beautiful earrings with feathers:

So, now I am going to relax a bit before I have to go to bed, because I must awake at 6 a.m. for school..aah, what a great last day <3
I hope you are going to have a nice day tomorrow with much sun and nice guys around you :)
sleep well

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