13 September 2012

it's for you, Mr. Universe

He wasn't in a mood for going to this party, actually. He wasn't in the mood for smalltalk with strangers, much alcohol, bitches..but principally not meeting bitches and feeling their superficiality. He wasn't that kind of man who wants to be in the thick of things. No, not at all...
But something said him, that he should go to this party, he has no idea what, maybe kind of a feeling in his stomach. Anyway, he went with some friends to this party. He already felt the bass in the hallway, fluttery in his stomach, a tingling feeling. A good feeling, anyway actually. In the flat were so many peoples, young and some of them were very beautiful, but he already felt lonely when he opened the door. Maybe he felt lonely, because non of these were like him? He really live in a different world, not a odd world, but a different world...he got his camera out of his bag and started to took pictures. That nuts to him! Everybody will see his so beautiful pictures at Monday morning at school. Colourful pictures, full of feelings and magic.
Click, he pressed his finger on the release. Click, a magical sound for him which he could hear in the booming of the bass. He passed dancing people with good looking hairdos, flying while dancing. In the light they are blue, sometimes green and yellow. So many coloures...shooing eyes, looking at him, big in the dizzy light, sometimes they didn't match to the bodies. He didn't notice nobody, even when women try to flirt with him. He is at his own world with his camera. There's no booming bass, only shadows of the dancing people, reflection of the lights...He seemed to fly, a dancing fly on the vibrant floor. His heart beat on its own, constantly. There was the moment when he sat down on the wooden floor, full of happiness.
Anytime someone touched him at his shoulder. Suddenly he felt out of his world. The bass was to loud. There is to much smoke in the room.
He blinked, because the light is to bright for his eyes. Then he moved. He only saw brown eyes with sparkle of green. It was like a thunder which beat into something. Actually it wasn't, but his feeling was exactly like that.
I saw you taking pictures...He wondered about her. Did she observe him?
She fascinated him, because she was different, wearing red trousers.
May I see your pcitures? So, she wasn't at his school.
She might saw him really in his way. Beautiful on his own way.
She gave him a little notice and smiled, while dancing away...He looked on this notice and smiled, too.
"Noah Summer", he whispered.


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