06 April 2012

awesome day at the frozen lake

Aah, yes I know It has been a while since my last post, but I had to learn for school and stuff like that, so I hadn't much time for other things.
I had told you that a good friend and I were ice skating  on a frozen lake near our home town and now I want to show you a few wonderful pictures  of our day.

here you can see the frozen lake on which we were ice skating. It was a very beautiful sunny but cold day.

some people cleared the lake of the fresh snow

my good friend 

some leaves between the fresh snow

and here she is :) beautiful as always
and that's me, smiling and frozen, but also happy to had such a wonderful day outside

Please ignore this awful yellow behind the words. I have no idea why I can't write any word without making this.
So I hope everyone had a great wintertime. Today the snow is gone and you can smell the spring during these days <3

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