24 November 2014

5 nice ways to make pretty garlands #garland made of apple stamps

Hi everybody,

today I'm going to show you how to make a pretty apple-stamps-garland. I personally love garlands, because they make everything prettier and cute.
Apparently for the current autumn winter weather (at least in germany it's pretty cold and wintery now) an garland made of apple stamps would suit that weather at its best. 
It's super easy to create and you don't need much equipment:
  • brush
  • apple
  • thick paper
  • needle
  • acrylic paint

 1. cut the apple in half and spread the paint all over its surface

2. press the apple on the paper and make sure that all of the apple is attaching your paper since the  result just will be prettier
Repeat that step as often as you want, I made 8 prints.

3. after the paint dried make a hole with a darning needle (actually you can use pretty much every needle, but to put through a yarn after, it will be easier to use a darning needle since its diameter).

4. the last step will be to threat the apple stamps and to hang it on your favourite place.

Have fun making that pretty garland and if you want you can always send me your result, I'd love that <3
Happy monday evening, Isa

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