12 November 2014

#recipe and talk about pinterest

Hi my dear readers,
first of all I want to say sorry for my absence. It was incredible busy these first weeks in university, organising everything and so on. Additionally I became ill, the whole flue thing, which didn't help at all.
But here I am, fresh and recovered.
Today I was going to have only one lecture ("sing with kids"), but it was canceled due illness.
So I'm enjoying my freetime and do crafts and actually wanna ask you if you are as hooked on as I am when it comes to Pinterest?
I just love, love this page so much that I could spend hours and hours searching for stuff, since I’ve heard the first time of it.
Basically you can find everything you would want and beyond, such as food recipies or style support…there are no boundaries.
What I love most ist that You can get a lot of inspiration and support for your own stuff. It works like you can follow people you like, for example crafting girls, whom you like there DIYs of or style blogger or...
So for me it works as a tremendous inspirational source when it comes to crafting and other pretty things, which make life beautiful.
A few days ago I was searching for a nice recipe for a cake and what I found was a drawn one. I was so amazed by that idea to not just write down a recipe of a certain cake or dinner, but draw it. What a lovely idea, I thought.
And at the next day I tacked my sketch book under my arm and grabed a pencil and found myself drawing in my bed with a cup of tea and nice music.
I'm pretty pleased with the result. What do you think?

What are you enjoying doing in your freetime?
Have a wonderful november day, love Isa


  1. Oh, das hast du toll gezeichnet und klingt lecker! Ist das ein gutes Muffingrundrezept? (:

    1. ja :) ich hab das schon öfters gebacken, sehr lecker!