30 March 2014

greenwich or the most amazing borough in London


 From where I live it's quite a hassle to go Greenwich, because it's on the opposite side of London.
Anyway, it's always worth to go and you feel as soon as you emerge of the DLR Station in a other city...everything looks like a little fisher town in France and so is the flair in the streets!
What I really like to see in Greenwich is the royal observatory in Greenwich Park, both incredible beautiful <3 
Also, believe me you won't regret climbing up the pretty steep hill, because on the top you will have the most beautiful view about London ever.

 if you more like a museum person then everybody (including me) would recommend to visit the National Meritime Museum. At the moment there is a exhibition about Turner and Sea...


Ah, before I forget it, it's super super windy!!! here, so you better not make your hair into a difficult hairstyle :D


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