14 March 2014

Brighton or when we spent a whole day on the beach with fish n' chips

On the last weekend Sophie and I decided to see something else than London and went to Brighton a city on the seaside in the South of England.
The weather had changed on the last week in more springlike weather, which we wanted to use to go finally in the (for me) most beautiful city.
So we spent literally almost the whole day on the beach, lying around in the sun, talking and eating fis n' chips. AMAZING!
The city is small in comparison with London (okay, almost EVERY city is small when it comes to London...it's just tremendous), but directly on the seaside and really arty like Cambridge. There are a lot of small streets with secondhand, decoration and art shops and a wonderful park at the Royal Pavilion called Victoria Park (check it out, when you're in Brighton).
Despite the little streets with the I-am-in-South France-flair there is the Brighton Pier, which is quite famous due to the Funfair and the pretty view.

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