11 July 2014

magazine "Mollie makes"

Hi my lovely readers,
today I want to blog about an amazing magazine I got calles "Mollie makes".
It's probably quite hard to get the magazines in different countries then the UK. 
But if you have the chance, overlook the price of the magazine (7,99pound) and go for it, it's absolutely worth it.
There are different kind of versions of it, like "Mollie makes -crafts" and "Mollie makes -photography". 
So if you're kind of an arty person you will love these.

The one I got is all about photography.

It's divided in 4 catagories    -light   -life   -social   -staying in where they show you several tricks and tipps for taking pictures, project like photo journally or snapping for instagram and DIY.

 location, location, location
From lighting to special effects, here are your camera basics

life, life, life
Capture the every day and make it special. It's your life, shoot it

social, social, social
Put your Instagram feed to use and set your Flickr feed on fire

staying-in, staying-in, staying-in
From shooting inside to displaying your snaps, we've got it covered

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