02 July 2014

Hi, i hope you're as happy as I am

Hi everybody,
I hope you're as happy as I am right now, because guess what happened
I've got the internship in a billingual nursery school I was applying for the last three/four weeks. YAY, finally :) so, basically that was the base for the subject I'm gonna soon apply for at Universities back in Germany. First I searched for international nursery school in Stuttgart plus suburbs, but got a lot of rejections, which made me really feel down.
Two days later I got a email from the headteacher of a very nice privat nursery school, whose liked my application a lot and my experience with children due to my Au Pair year .
However, it feels pretty good to kow what I'm gonna do when I will go back home in one month (puuh, can't imagine that, yet!)
Oh besides that, I thought about maybe doing a review how my Au Pair year was and such stuff (I won't upload any pictures of my lovely children, due to privacy, though!).
Have a lovely day and thank you everybody, who reads my blog :)

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