05 August 2012

nice holidays everyone

Once upon a time there were two peanuts, twins, called Pea and Nut. They were living in a small country called Peanutopia. I was a country where all peanuts lived in peace and freedom, until the birthday of the twins Pea and Nut. They were different than all other peanuts, something special which nobody could imagine.
Therefore Pea and Nut grew up with discrimination at school, so they never made friends. But they were nerver alone, because they had each other.
Someday they decided to leave Peanutopia to find out whether there is a country anywhere whose citizens treat them like the inhabitants of Peanutopa did.
At night they packed their stuff together and sneaked out of their house. When the sun rose the inhabitants realised the disappearance of Pea and Nut, but they didn't mind. During their journey Pea and Nut reached our country with a miracle mirror. But actually this was a country with allergy peanuts like their homeland. The twins were very sad about that. How could they got back? There wasn't a back home during the miracle mirror. What could they done?
They were hungry and tired, so they sat down on the dirty ground and looked at the traffic jam, till the sunset.
Suddenly they were picked up by a little child, called Charly.
"Mom, look! I have found tow peanuts. May I eat them? They don't look dirty."
"Honey, you have a peanuts allergy."
But Charly opened Pea and Nut and ate both
"Mom, they are allergy free", laugh Charly.
And this was the special point about Pea and Nut.

I had to write about a story about a picture of peanuts and this is what it goes...a little funny storie :)
This will be the last blog for the next two weeks, cause' I am going to fly in the evening to Cambridge/England <3
I am very exciting and nervous, but I hope this will be a great time, although I'll have to school there.


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