06 July 2012

life is beautiful

Today was a really wonderful day, because I got send my favourite CDs from a onlineshop <3
So I stayed the afternoon in bed and listened...absolutely stunning. Check it out on youtube:)

After I relaxed I baked some delicious muffins, hmm...I wonder that there was enough bough in the bowl after I have eaten so much, haha...Finally there was enough bough for 17 great muffins!

And If you want to bake this beauties, too -->

For the bough:
1 vanilla bean
200g butter, melted
200g flour
160g sugar
4 eggs
2 heaped teaspoonful baking powder
1 pinch salt

1. Turn the oven on 180° on air circulation
    Sliver the vanilla bean and put the pulp into a bucket, exactly the same with sugar and butter.
    Than cream the butter, sugar and the vanilla bean pulp with a hand mixer.

2. After the bough is creamy enough, put the eggs into the bucket
    Mix the flour with the baking powder and salt and sieve it above. Make sure that the bough is
    creamy but not too smooth.

3. Put the bough into the muffin baking form and into the oven.
    After 20 minutes they should done...

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