08 June 2012

back from vacation in france

Hello girls and boys today I came back from my vacation in france. I stayed at a caravan two weeks with my family on a camping place that was right beside the sea. It was wonderful, the weather was great and I swam in the sea twice a day :) I am very close to nature, so I spent almost the whole day outside. Sadly there is no forest at the sea, but the weather is too hot for vegetation so there are only small bushes and sun-baked gras. I really liked it, it's so much different to Germany, but beautiful in its own way...the smell is kind of heat and dry, but also fresh, because of the ocean.

One day we drove to a city called "Montpellier" to do some shopping and sightseeing. The city is beautiful with its very old, but also very new buildings. My sister and I spent hours at http://www.stradivarius.com/ , http://www.bershka.com/ and http://www.zara.com/. They have wonderful clothes <3 and we haven't got these great shops in Germany excapt the Zara-shop.

Finally I have to "present" you this very awesome song of the band "broken bells": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Cq66jiRDE
It's very quiet, but I am so in love with the lyrics and the melody <3 enjoy the song and very good dreams everyone...

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