02 August 2014

only a few days left

Hi everybody,
This year has passed so quickly that it's hard to believe. Moments are flying around me and I want to catch them to have a closer look again and to fill all of them in a jam jar.
I would open the jam jar when I'm happy, but also when I'm sad to smell the taste of happiness and love.
It was a year with ups and downs, like a fast rollercoaster you're thrilled to look at and even more excited to hop in.
I loved London, with its business and crazy people. With all the possibilities you can imagine (or not, especially in the beginning), with all the fun.
I loved England, with its rainy winter days and now hot summer (yay!). With its beautiful landscape and even prettier cities.
It is definitely one of my favourite countries and it showed its beauty to all its best, since I took the flight to finally become an Au Pair.
But despite all the greatness of the city and country, what I loved MOST was my family.
Yes, I can finally call them my second (unbiological) family! 
The parents eventually became friends of mine, I shared a lot with. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I will really miss you, guys and can't wait to visit you again <3
The kids became after a few months my young siblings and friends. THANK YOU L,G and R FOR ALL YOUR AWESOMENESS! I love you so so much <3
Right now I can't imagine to wake up not hearing your contagious laughter, not dancing crazy through the kitchen and explaining you all the things you want to know.
Who will do the crazy pineapple dance with me now, when you R, are not around me anymore?
Who will eventually read ME a story, L, when you are not around me anymore?
And finally who is going to be the person I'm going to bake with when you, G, are not around me anymore? <3
I can only assume that the first few days will be rather awful without you. 
So I'm already counting the days (and my money for the flight) till I can finally hug and kiss you again.
You all will be in my heart forever <3 I love you!
NOW I will fill all my great memories in a jam jar, which is going to be opened when I'm on the plane back to Germany, already missing everybody on its hardest.

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