04 December 2013

St. Paul

HEY, yeah I know..tztz super late, like always. But maybe you can turn a blind eye on that? hmm? would that be possible, when I'll tell you that I have to do  A LOT of stuff? cool!!!!
So, anyway how are you? thanks for asking, I'm super duper fine :)
Today I want to introduce you to the most beautiful church I've ever seen. The funny thing is when you get off the tube you can't see it anywhere, but THEN when you just walk 'round to the corner TADAAA: here it is! In summer it's amazing to sit on the steps in front of the entrance and let the sun tan your skin and in winter? let's imagine the best <3
besides that, can you imagine that the travelcard prices will increase next year? h-e-l-l-o...London is already the most expensive city in Europe. yes, yes I'll feel the pinch soon, wah!

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