06 November 2013

chilly weather, tea and a lot of scandals

Dani and me tried a guided Tour through London one Saturday. First I wondered if it's too tourism, but even my teacher (she lives since 5 years here!) recommended the tour, so we thought: okay, when  even she said it's cool, than we should give it a try.
And I have to admit that it was absolutely worth it to stand up early(yes, 9 is early!!!) and wander through the cold city(hello autumn). We went also with another Au pair, who lives near us, but she didn't speak a lot(okay, to be honest...nothing), so I think this was the only time with her.
Anyway, the guided tour was in Barbican, a very nice part of London in the east centre and in Bank, the part where the bank is (obviously :D). The guides spoke about scandals, secrets and suspense! So I'm up to date with every scandal in the 18/19th century, höhö.
So in the end we had a great time and a lot of hot tea to keep us warm in the chilly autumnally weather.
If you are living in London and would like to check out these guided tours have a look at www.westminsterguides.org.uk
Cheers and sleep tight


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