15 August 2013

14 days left and facts about my Au pair year

I have already mentioned that I will become an Au pair for the next year.
Everything is planned and my Au pair-family is looking forward to meet me :) I'm very nervous, because there are 14DAYS LEFT!!!! Hell, yes I'm going to live in London! and have to care about three really cute children and two dogs...

my children are two girls at the age of 4 called Ruby and Sophia and a boy called George at the age of 7, quite young, but I'm happy about that <3
I have found my family on thttp://www.aupair-world.net/. It's an Au pair-portal, where you can find yourself a family or families can find their next Au pair. The best point on it is its for free, BUT there is nobody who check these families...so it's kind of an experiment sometimes.
The first step is, that you make a profile about you (write a letter for the family and of course about you and your hobbies and why you want to become an Au pair).
Then you can wait till the first family email you, or searching yourself (that's what I did).
When you have found a family who fits to you and you would like to meet them, you can write them an email and ask for a Skype-chat. It's also really good, when you can write with the current Au pair, because she or he can tell you what's really going on the whole day, when the parents are at work.
It's very important that you make sure that the family fits to you perfectly or mostly, because like I have sad, there is nobody who check the family first (it's different, when you go with http://www.aupair.de/ , but I have made bad experiences with I.S.T, so I can't recommend this organisation).
When you think the family is perfect for you make an arrangement and write till your departure with the family.

I will live in the borough Brent - district Harlesden, it's really near to downtown with the underground and there are a lot of parks around, where I can walk the dogs.

 When you want to become an Au pair as well, you can write me of course and ask me everything. I will make an Au pair-diary during my time in London...

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