23 October 2012

what I wore today - hello autumn, my friend

Today was a very cold and cloudy october day...Autumn is coming and the leaves are already pretty coloured. I like autumn very much, most of the coloures and fresh air...sadly most of people are going to get a very sad mood, kind of depressive I guess, but actually you only have to walk through the forest with its beautiful falling leaves and you will be happy (i am doing this quite often right now and I like it pretty much, even when it's very cold outside --> I like the thoughts of having a big cup of hot chocolate at home :)).
Today it's a marvelous day with only two hours of school, playing piano and having a nice bath with candles <3 and I wore my favourite dress this day and, you know, when you're wearing something you like very very much you get a nice feeling and have to smile the whole day, like me today, actually...
 dress: terminal D
 shoes: S.Oliver
 scarf: vintage
 rings: vintage



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